About Us- Blaque Luxury Living Design & Décor

We are Michael and Tangie Cokes, and we are the proud owners of 
Blaque Luxury Living Design & Décor.

Blaque is a name of African origin and in some areas  of the world means Beauty, Power and Strength.  As a family owned business this is how we earned the blessings of business that affords us to live in luxury.  

We have the experience to assist you in decorating your home, vacation home, income producing properties or business.  

Visit our website www.BlaqueLuxuryLiving.com to shop online.

In addition, you can also email at info@blaqueluxuryliving.com  if you have a photograph of an item you would like to acquire or to request a private shopping experience in our Wisconsin showroom. 

 Book an appointment or give us a call (888)620-LUXE (5893), you won't be disappointed.